UNICEF Webinar - Social Protection Response to COVID-19

"The coronavirus pandemic has triggered an unprecedented socioeconomic crisis, which threatens to roll back years of progress in reducing child poverty, leaving children deprived of essential services and families struggling financially. Without concerted action to expand social protection systems, families who are already barely getting by will likely be pushed into poverty, and the poorest families could face levels of deprivation that have not been seen for decades. UNICEF is strongly supporting governments and people in over 115 countries to deliver social protection and strengthen systems – and is committed to continuing and expanding this work during the COVID-19 response and recovery."

– Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director

UNICEF will be hosting a ZOOM webinar "How are social protection programs responding to the needs of vulnerable groups during COVID and what more can be done in the next two years?"

The webinar is scheduled for December 11, 2020 10:00 EST (US and Canada).

To register, please visit UNICEF webinar site.

Read UNICEF's report "Social Protection Response to COVID-19 - Strengthening social protection systems before, during and after crises", available for download in PDF format.

General Assembly Declaration - Covid 19 Pandemic: Combating visible and hidden dimensions of human distress

Proposed at the ICSW General Assembly in its first virtual meeting in 2nd year of the centennial decade of the ICSW and adopted with revisions thereafter by its Supervisory Advisory Board on 25 November 2020

The International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) is one of the oldest international non- governmental organizations aimed at promoting social development, social justice and social welfare everywhere in the world. We, the members of the ICSW, are proud to be affiliated with this outstanding civil society organization that represents a great variety of stakeholders from around the world, an organization that is well-recognized and highly regarded nationally and internationally. Empowered by the objectives of ICSW enshrined its Constitution to “Promote forms of social and economic development which aim to reduce poverty, hardship and vulnerability, by striking an appropriate balance between social and economic goals and which respect cultural diversity by strengthening civil society throughout the world”, we stand together to achieve these goals at a time in the history where global cooperation and solidarity are of paramount importance more than ever before.

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Reflections from Solveig Askjem, ICSW President 2003-2008

Quazi Faruque Ahmed from Bangladesh was the acting president of International Council of Social Welfare in 2003.  He became unable to serve as president because of political control of him in his home country and he had to resign 2nd of September that year.

The story is: He was a clever lawyer and brought a lot of women’s cases to  court in order to support women’s rights. This was not accepted by the men in political power in Dhaka and they threatened him in different ways. The start was to cut his international contact lines such as email, his telephone line was cut off and at last, he ended up in prison for a while.

I was elected by the Executive Committee to take over as president of ICSW in September 2003. At that time I was the vice president of ICSW Global and European president of ICSW. I became elected global president by the GA in 2004.

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Press Release – Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development October 2020

As President of ICSW, I am delighted that that the Global Agenda initiated in 2010 has now become a global movement. During the past months ICSW has conducted extensive consultation through our Regional and National bodies and I'm glad that we have finally arrived at the Global Agenda for next decade, 2020-2030. The two ICSW members of the task force led by Abye Tassé, Tapio Salonen and P.K. Shajahan, have offered an important contribution to the definition of the general frame "Co-building social transformation" and of the first theme. The choice of Ubuntu is especially timely at this juncture because of the global socio-political tensions heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic. I look forward to the collaboration of the social welfare community to strengthen social solidarity and global connectedness through our joint effort.

Eva Holmberg-Herrström


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Press Release - Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development, October 2020 (PDF - 307kb)

ICSW NEA COVID-19 Webinar on - 29th July 2020

To enhance information and knowledge sharing, and to explore possible collaboration in regional/ global level to overcome COVID-19, ICSW North East Asia Region is going to host the “ICSW NEA COVID-19 Webinar on COVID-19: Welfare Challenges and Response” aiming to help the regional welfare sector to exchange valuable experience and identify good initiatives in response to the pandemic.

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