Virtual Side-event: Addressing inequality predicament: trade-offs and the quest for decent employment, poverty reduction and social inclusion

February 7, 2023, 9:45am- 11am EST

The side-event conceived as a panel discussion takes place during the 61st session of the Commission for Social Development. The event aims to explore the interrelationship and mutual connections between efforts to reduce inequality and access to decent employment, along with poverty reduction and social inclusion. While inequality trends differ from one country to another and the moves towards less inequality cannot be expected to be bring positive outcomes automatically, the integrated approach to policy-making can make a difference.

National examples corroborate the importance of “growth with equity”. In many successful economies reducing income disparities has been of paramount importance for spurring economic growth and improving the lot of the poor and the poorest.

Given multidimensional nature of inequality it cannot be tackled only through employment policies, even when combined with highly desirable and beneficial for society social protection schemes. Policies that address education, health, discrimination, social isolation and environment are essential elements of reversing the trend toward greater inequality as countries recover from the losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The search for synergy between SDGs 8 and 10, as well as other goals, continues.

Organized by: International Council on Social Welfare and International Association of Schools of Social Work. Co- sponsored by International Labour Organization, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (India), Public University of Navarre, (Spain)


  • Mr Alessandro Batazzi, Inequalities Specialist, WORKQUALITY Department, International Labour Organization
  • Dr. Suh Sang Mok, Global President, International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW)
  • Prof. P.K. Shajahan, Dean Academic, Professor of Social Work, Tata Institute 0f Social Sciences, Mumbai, India
  • Prof. Amaya Erro-Garcés, Public University of Navarre, Spain
  • Dr. Sergei Zelenev, Special Representative of ICSW to the United Nations

Moderator: Prof. Lynne Healy, Main Representative of International Association of Schools of Social Work to the United Nations

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