International Congress on Social Policies 2022: The Challenge of Social Inclusion in Future Europe

Hosted by University of Malaga and organized jointly with ICSW and University of Málaga
November 30, December 1, 2 and 3, 2022

The Congress will take place at the Faculty of Social and Labor Studies of the University of Malaga. It is located at: Avenida Francisco Trujillo S/ N. Malaga, Spain. (Campus Expansion)

Language: English
Hybrid format: Live and Zoom

The aim of the Congress is to map innovative analyses and societal policy solutions to emerging social development issues, and to lay ground to a conclusions paper to help guide ICSW and its partners towards a strong impact on the envisaged UN Second World Summit for Social Development in 2025.

That forthcoming UN Social Summit is part of the UN Secretary-General’s report on “Our Common Agenda” (, (2021), its Commitment number one: “Leave no one behind”. Our Common Agenda aims at accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (2015) by 2030 . The Report also provides a new anchor for updating the World social agenda that is still based to the Copenhagen Declaration and Plan of Action of 1995 of the first ever Social Summit (1995). While many of the principles of the Copenhagen documents stand time, the realities have drastically changed from the early 1990s: World population was 5.6 billion but is now hitting the 8 billion mark, and e.g. internet was not yet in use. It is high time to bring the analyses and action guidelines up to date and align the social development agenda with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their ecological and economic dimensions.

The Copenhagen Declaration stated inter alia that the aim of social integration is to achieve “a society for all”. While the vision of a society for all is still very relevant, the idea of integration in social policy theory and practice has evolved to emphasize more equal rights and responsibilities and the active involvement, active agency and empowerment of vulnerable groups and those at risk of exclusion.

International Council on Social Welfare ICSW was actively instrumental in the preparations of the Copenhagen Summit and intends to bring the voice of the civil society and academy to this timely new global process, as well.

Participants consists of representatives of ICSW Member Organizations and the aforementioned cooperating academic institutions. The event will be open and free also for students of the University of Malaga and also for those people from other universities who present communications. The event and Zoom is also open to all members of ICSW, not only those in the European Region. Pre-registration is needed for the managing of the Zoom sessions.

Review the full event program here. (PDF- 352Kb)