”Разом нас багато” – ”Together we are many, we can't be defeated”

from ICSW Europe Newsletter 1/2022

The attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine on the last week of February 2022 was directly from the playbook of the igniting of the Second World War, in 1939: 10 years of disinformation and agitation to create prejudice and hate against other populations, occupation of neighboring areas on the pretext of ”rescuing our ethnic nationals” (Donbass), false flag operations (Crimea), and claiming that invasion of another nation is ”peacekeeping” and a mystical historical “right”.

This war has been planned and prepared. We have long witnessed the “Newspeak”, similar to that described in Georg Orwell's dystopian novel “1984”, published in 1949: Untruth is named “truth”, war is called “peace”, dictatorship is “democracy”, oppression is “liberty”. Spreading vulgarly fake information by the Russian state-monopolized media to brainwash people has kept ordinary people in the dark. Truth is the first victim of wars.

The attack of Russia on Ukraine, the indiscriminate shelling and killing of people is pushing hundreds of thousands of European girls and boys, women and men to asylum and steals them their future.

In the moment of this deepest humanitarian and social crisis of the European Region since the Second World War, ICSW Europe strongly condemns the barbaric attack on Ukraine and expresses its solidarity to the peoples of Ukraine.

The Russian Federation's illegal attack is not only an attack on Ukraine but also directed against all democratic and human rights-based societies, thus it is an attack on Europe as a whole, on the EU, on the UN and all peoples of the World.

Most recently Russia ratcheted its threat against all of humanity by lunatic threatening with nuclear arms. Already the attack on Ukraine where there are 15 nuclear plants is a huge risk in times of crises: if the plants are not monitored and serviced because of disorder and casualties of key personnel, many Chernobyl disasters might result.

The ICSW Europe Board insist that all ICSW members must withdraw from any eventual collaboration with the Russian Federation State-related agencies that are an integral part of the immoral war machine. Such cooperation is considered as a violation of ICSW Constitution's values and principles and would lead to cancelling of membership.

But we must support all civil society organizations, that share our basic values, including those in Ukraine and also such civil society organizations in Russian Federation that are defending human rights and democracy. This is not a war between people, it is a Russian Federation State-led ruthless and immoral action of organized violence against Ukraine and its peoples. While social workers and social sector organizations are against all militarism, now there is no room for neutrality about the aggressor and the victim.

ICSW commends all civic and public organizations that are involved in preventing and alleviating the suffering of people induced by this war.

The editorial and other texts of this Newsletters were written at the time when there still was optimism and trust on collective reason on how to solve our common global problems by recognition of facts, honest dialogue, and cooperation between nations. We trust that human reason and peace will win. By joining our hands to work for peace, “We shall overcome!”

ICSW Europe Board