Social Work Day at the UN 2022

For nearly four decades, ICSW, IFSW and IASSW have co-hosted Social Work Day at the United Nations. The purpose is twofold, to increase social worker knowledge of global social issues, and to increase the visibility of social work at the United Nations. This will be a virtual event.

This year's theme will be Moving Toward Food Security for All: The Role of Social Work. This theme was chosen because we felt it was important for attendees to learn about how food insecurity during COVID-19 has affected lives worldwide. We would also like for our attendees to learn more about coping strategies being used and for ways that social work could be part of a solution. One of the lessons from the pandemic we have all learned is that the coronavirus has magnified inequities in our worlds and ushered in a reckoning of our past decisions, practices and existing structures. As we look to our future, we want to know more so we can get it right.

2022 Social Work Day UN Flyer4