Kickoff Plenary Sessions Of ISWED 2021 In January

International Social Work and Development Online Conference January – March, 2021
(ISWED 2021)
Human Relationships: Keys to Remaking Social Work for the Future

International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) and  International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) are pleased to announce the kickoff of ISWED 2021. We are living in a world of disruption and drastic changes unprecedented in human history. This Online Conference , in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, aims to empower social workers and social service organizations to make an impact on the lives of the people amidst drastic social changes and facilitate effective professional practice and human services in the decades to come.

Human relationships not only bring joy and meaning to human existence, they are the primary basis for survival of the human race. Social Work education, research and practice as well as social policy needs to respond proactively to promote human well-being, so as to foster positive social change and social integration. Social relationship is vital for both the individual and society to thrive. Thus, the theme for the Online Conference is: Human Relationship: Keys to Remaking Social Work for the Future.

The abstracts for the conference that were earlier accepted for presentations, the symposiums, workshops and poster sessions in the Rimini SWESD 2020 Conference, all will highlight the following sub-themes:

  • Axis 1: Promoting human relationships, global context and sustainable development
  • Axis 2: Sustainable Development Goals in fostering human relationships
  • Axis 3: Social policy to enhance human relationships
  • Axis 4: Gender and minority issues, micro enterprise, and social inclusion and integration
  • Axis 5: Challenges and capacities of Social Work Education and Research in promoting human relationships and future development.

The Online conference and activities schedule spans 3 months (January to March 2021). Other collaboration and special sessions will also be organized in conjunction with the Online Conference 2021.

To kickoff the conference in January, we are honoured to have Prof. Angelina Yuen to deliver the Eileen Younghusband Award Lecture on January 15 (Friday) and Prof. Walter Lorenz to share the opening keynote address on January 16 (Saturday). Details as below:

January 15 (Friday) – Moderated by Prof. Ngoh Tiong TAN
Time: 12:00 noon Italy Time (GMT +1)
– Welcome speech by Prof. Annmaria Campanini, President of IASSW
– Eileen Younghusband Award Lecture by Prof. Angelina Yuen [Speaker Bio & Session Abstract]

January 16 (Saturday) – Moderated by Prof. P.K. Shajahan
Time: 12:00 noon Italy Time (GMT +1)
– Welcome speech by Dr. Sang-mok Suh, President of ICSW
– Opening Keynote Address by Prof. Walter Lorenz [Speaker Bio & Session Abstract]

We are inviting members of IASSW and ICSW, social work educators, researchers and students to join us in the Kickoff Plenaries! And the Conference platform will be ready for registering for sessions in February and March very soon. Please stay tuned with us!

Message from the Conference Chairs (PDF - 609kb)
From the Advisors of the Online Conference 2021 (PDF - 791kb)