• Africa - Call For Papers
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    Call for papers - Addressing food insecurity in Africa: Strategies for ensuring child-sensitive social protection

  • Social Work Day at the UN
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    Social Work Day at the UN - March 16, 2021

  • ISWED 2021 - Session Recordings
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    ISWED 2021 - Session Recording
    Featuring Prof. Angelina Yuen & Keynote Address Prof. Walter Lorenz

  • Kickoff Plenary Sessions Of ISWED 2021 In January
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    Kickoff Plenary Sessions Of ISWED 2021 In January

  • Press Release: Global Agenda October 2020
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    Press Release: Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development October 2020

  • Solveig Askjem
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    Reflections from Solveig Askjem, ICSW President 2003-2008

  • ICSW President's Message: A Changed World
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    ICSW President's Message: A Changed World

  • Call For Expressions of Interest to Host the 2022 Joint World Conference
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    Call For Expressions of Interest to Host the 2022 Joint World Conference

  • ICSW
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    Welcome to the International Council on Social Welfare

  • European Newsletter: Spring 2021
    A Messge from ICSW Europe President
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  • ISCW Global Newsletter: February 2021
    Working Together for a Better ICSW by Professor Antonio López Peláez
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  • North East Asia: Seventh Edition 2020
    The Role of Social Innovation In Building Local Communities
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  • North America & Caribbean Newsletter - Summer 2020
    COVID-19 Two Part Edition
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  • South East Asia and Pacific - December 2018
    The World Social Protection Report 2017-19: Universal social protection to achieve the Sustainable
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  • South Asia Newsletter: January - June 2018
    Special Article: The Complexities of Realising Transgender Identity in South Asia by Gayathri Krishna
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covid 19 poverty 3x200

ICSW President's Message: Social Impact of COVID-19
Various social problems have emerged in the era of COVID-19


BlackSwan 400x

ICSW European President: "Black Swan is Here"
Ronald Wiman's message about coronavirus.


spiac b 400x

SPIAC-B Statement
A Joint Statement on the Role of Social Protection in Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic


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Around the World
Additional articles on ICSW's response to COVID-19


Social Protection

social issues 300x

Rethinking the Social Issue


egypt socpro 200x

Social Protection and Economic Reform Policies in Egypt


mena socialprotection 200x

The Social Situation in the MENA Region


social protection

More Social Protection articles


Global Agenda

The Global Agenda

A collaborative initiative with IASSW, ICSW, IFSW.


Social Protection Floor

ICSW has adopted the SPF-I as its major agenda.

South Korea Temple


Global conferences in social welfare and development.



Become a member, engage in social welfare community.

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Created in 1928 in Paris to address complexities and challenges of social work, the International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) has evolved through the years to embrace the major issues of social development, becoming a global organization committed to improving human well-being. Establishing common ground on issues of international significance, and acting with partners ICSW represents national and local organizations in more than 70 countries throughout the world working through its nine regional networks. Membership also includes major international organizations. By virtue of its constitution, ICSW operates as a democratic and accountable organization. Learn More