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West Africa - effective interventions on social protection workshop

CWA Workshop on Social Protection Floor Initiative

The International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) on 25-27 October 2010 organised the first ever West Africa capacity building workshop on "National councils promoting social protection - Social Protection Floor Initiative" in partnership with Action Humaine pour le Développement Intégré au Sénégal (ADHIS). The training took place in Dakar - Senegal.
The major objective of the training was to prepare national councils to play a major role in social development nationally and in the Central and West Africa region. The training focussed on enhancing national councils' potential to engage with national governments to influence public policies, particularly the introduction and maintenance of social protection policies and programmes. The executive directors of national councils or umbrella bodies were the key participants.

The workshop was funded by the Swedish International Development Agency - SIDA - and the World Food Programme - WFP. Activities were enriched by presentations from representatives of WFP, WAEMU (West African Economic and Monetary Union), the World Bank, UNICEF and the Senegalese Ministry of Family program.

For more information on this successful event, please refer to the documents and reports of the meeting on this website.