Rimini Conference: March 10th Update

March 10, 2020

Message for participants of Rimini Conference

Dear Friends,

We have posted an update on Rimini Conference on March 1, 2020. As you all are following global news now, situation has changed. Now all Italy has been "protected" the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte informed that "Italy extended the quarantine measures nationwide"

The Italian PM Giuseppe Conte announced on Monday that special measures will be imposed across the whole country including travel restrictions and a ban on gatherings in a bid to stem the spread of coronavirus 

He stated that “It is not the first time that our country has faced national emergencies. But we are a strong country that does not give up: it is in our DNA. We are facing the Coronavirus challenge. A challenge that has no political color, which must bring together the entire nation. It is a challenge that must be overcome with the commitment of all: citizens and institutions, scientists, doctors, health workers, civil protection, law enforcement. Italy, all of it, is called to do its part”.

On behalf of IASSW, ICSW, Italian partners and Local Organizers we would like to request again, please be calm and have faith. We are very much optimistic. We will be updating on near future steps to be taken in regard on Rimini Conference.

We had already extended the Early Bird Deadline to May 4th! We will keep on posting updates as and when it comes to us.

In Solidarity,
IASSW & ICSW  and Organizing Committee of SWESD