Message to the social workers of Iran

Dear Social Workers of Iran,

As you celebrate Social Work Day 2019 we join you by sending our warmest wishes. As social workers around the world form a global community working for equitable decent well-being for all, some core values are equally shared: The dignity of all, social justice and human rights.

Even if the work will be varied based on different conditions for social work as well as society as such around the globe, the core concerns remain similar for a profession striving towards opportunities and realisation of human potential for all people.

The theme chosen for Social Work Day «Social work and social resilience» is speaking to human strength as well as will to progress and determination.

Together we can make a difference. Social work in Iran has a long history and vibrant present. We look forward to continue developing cooperation with you and seek the best possible relations for our common future as professionals and fellow human beings. Your significant country and thereby you can play an important role in the betterment of a fragile world.

We wish you all health and prosperity in your work for a sustainable social security for all.

Trelleborg, Sweden, April 1, 2019

Yours truly,

Eva Holmberg Herrström
President, International Council on Social Welfare ICSW

Message to the social workers of Iran (PDF)