Statement of the GCSPF to the Conference USP2030

According to the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors where ICSW is an active member “more than half of the world’s population is still denied a life in dignity and the human right to social protection. To deliver on the commitment to universal social protection is a legal, moral, political and economic imperative. Social protection is a key instrument for the successful implementation of Agenda 2030, for eradicating poverty and for reducing inequality. Social protection is a human right, not charity for the poorest”.

The statement of the Global Coalition made on 5 February at the conference on universal social protection (USP2030) concludes: “What we want to take from this conference is the commitment to take concrete steps towards the implementation of universal social protection systems which are rights-based and gender-responsive, providing adequate benefits for all contingencies over the lifecycle.”

Read the full statement here. (450 Kb)