Social Protection

Reinforcing Social Europe

Opinion of the Deutscher Verein für öffentliche und private Fürsorge e.V. (German Association for Public and Pri- vate Welfare) regarding the European Commission consultation on reinforcing social Europe

The German Association for Public and Private Welfare (Deutscher Verein für öffentliche und private Fürsorge e.V.) is the joint forum of municipalities and non-statutory social welfare organisations and their social services in Germany, the Länder (federal states) and academia in all fields of social work and social policy. Through its experience and expertise, it monitors and shapes policy and legislation in relation to children, young people and families, the social insurance system, social assistance, assistance for the elderly, care and rehabilitation, social volunteering, the planning and management of social work and social services as well as international and European social policy and social legislation.

To read the full opinion piece, you can access the PDF here.