• Human Rights Citizenship & SPF
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    Invitation to Human Rights Citizen & Social Protection Floor Meeting

  • ICSW
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    Welcome to the International Council on Social Welfare

  • Joint World Conference 2016
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    Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education & Social Development 2016

  • ICSW Global Events
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    ICSW Global Events

  • ISCW Global Newsletter: October 2015
    The post-2015 World – Implications for Social Development
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  • European Newsletter: Autumn 2015
    Social Platform: An open letter to people fleeing war, persecution and poverty.
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  • East & Southern Africa Newsletter: August - November 2015
    Kenya’s Social Development Proposals and Challenges
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  • South East Asia & The Pacific Newsletter: July 2015
    ASEAN Encourages Social Entrepreneurship in the Region
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  • South Asia Newsletter: June - August 2015
    Featured Article: Water discourses - A cause of conflict in South Asia
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Shaping post 2015 Agenda

The six essential elements for delivering on the sustainable development goals

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SWSD Seoul 2016

ICSW announces the 2016 Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development.

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icsw 202x187International Council on Social Welfare

ICSW and our members are active in a wide range of fields within the general areas of social development, social welfare and social justice. This includes issues such as food and nutrition, welfare and health services, social protection, education and housing, as well as many issues relating to economic development, human rights and community participation

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Global Agenda

The Global Agenda

A collaborative initiative with IASSW, ICSW, IFSW.


Social Protection Floor

ICSW has adopted the SPF-I as its major agenda.

South Korea Temple


Global conferences in social welfare and development.



Become a member, engage in social welfare community.